Alliance is an initiative of the Bai-Bor-Women-Association in Australia. Bai-Bor-Women-Association was formed in Melbourne in 2008, and carried on under the leadership of Haluel Herjok and Hellen Berberi . It was until 2012 when the association was transformed into a school’s project, and have the name changed from Bai-Bor-Women-Welfare Foundation, to Alliance for Girls Education and Gender Equality.

Coming from South Sudan, a place of war where we had very little, and now in Australia, a country of freedom and abundance, with opportunities at every turn to improve our lives and the lives of our children, we the women have chosen to pay it forward and make a difference through Alliance. We believe that it is important to reach out and provide support to others in need, especially those who have had similar life experiences in the past as you.

Our journey started in the late 1980s, up until the early 1990s, that’s when the people of South Sudan, including our people in Bor were forced to flee their villages, due to a brutal civil war that devastated the country. After spending many years in the refugee camps in Kenya, Uganda and other neighbouring countries in Africa, many families were resettled in different parts of the world, including Australia. After settling and calling Australia a peaceful home, Bor women came together and recognised the urgent need to educate girls and women in their country of origin. The vision is to create positive change through education and advocacy, to allow women and girls in South Sudan access opportunities that would benefits them and change their lives and the lives of their communities.