It was in 2012 when Alliance began fundraising for the Mading Bor Girls Grammar School and commenced construction in late 2012. Due to the outbreak of violence in 2013, construction was suspended and completed in 2018. This was our first project of its kind, it is our hope that the underprivileged girls age 6-14yrs will realise their educational dreams, and their communities will benefit.

Our school is in the suburb of Lekyak in Bor. Bor is located 200km away from the Juba capital by road, on the east bank of the White Nile, surrounded by the rural communities that live below the poverty line. The local government under the governorship of Hon Kuol Manyang Juuk in 2010 donated a land for our girls’ school to be built upon, and recognises that educating girls is instrumental in creating a cultural shift in the area. Due to many years of wars, resources in the area are scarce, and community live in constant threat of local criminals and militia who are still at war with the government. As a result of insecurity and fear from criminals, villagers have left their villages and settled around the town of Bor where our school is built. This have added extra demand to the needs for an education in the area. Our biggest task is to be raising enough money each year to keep the school operation going. Expenses includes teachers’ resources, wages, food for children, school uniform, student books, stationery and other materials. To successfully operate the school for one whole year, we would need to be fundraising about $80,000 Australian Dollars.